Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fun and Costco

We're always having fun here Chez Us.

Monday we enjoyed our day off and hung out on the bed (in out nice blue mickey onesie!)

Katie says "what's better than hanging out on the bed in a blue Mickey onesie?!"
We also went swimming at Kinsmen. Katie was not too cheery about it at first but got into the swim of things before long.

Yesterday we has a visit with Those ___ friendly headbutting this time. G thinks that's so funny!

C loves visiting with Katie! And sharing toys...right? =)
Joanne is such a good hostess...although I brought the Starbucks, she made a cake! We must be special! Thanks Joanne!

We also went to Costco yesterday, before our visit. Which fun game to you like to play at Costco?

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