Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Like Ghosts...

I finished knitting a hat for Katie...from the book "Itty Bitty Hats"(yay library!). I tend to agree with the author who says something about kids being able to pull off the whimsical hat look. I think Katie does especially well.

After the modeling session and a nap we headed off to visit a friend from Strollercize.

[Scene: In the beautifully styled living room of a friend, Katie and J build a friendship]

Katie: I'm chewing letters because I'm definitely teething.
J: Who are you and why are you taking my picture?

J: Your letters look good..Gimme!
Katie: How about we share the letters...2 each?
J: You can come over anytime baby.

[End Scene]

Notice how well Katie is sitting up unassisted? J is apparently a good role model. She was so good that while I was talking to J's mom, I forgot that Katie is new to sitting up and forgot to watch as she toppled over and smacked her head on the hardwood. She survived and J's mom reminded me how useful a breastfeeding pillow can be.

Later that afternoon we went to visit financial guru Uncle Leo. Katie looks good in a business environment doesn't she? She listened very well and may now know more about RESP's than her mom.
And of course, I've been trying SO HARD to get a picture of her tiny teeth...when you feel them they feel HUGE but they are actually very tiny and hard to see and harder to photograph. Like ghosts probably (I mean hard to photograph...are ghosts tiny? I'm not sure). Here's the best I could do. (I don't know why I'm trying so a week or less they'll be front and center (literally) of every smile.)
And in other news...we started eating lentils yesterday (grains count as vegetables and full of iron lentils are!)...or rather, we let them sit on our tongue and spit them out. Can a baby get iron through tongue osmosis? We'll try again today, perhaps mixed (hidden?) with some squash. Truthfully, I enjoy lentils myself, normally spiced etc...but plain lentils? Pureed? Why do they look/smell/taste so gross? Shouldn't food look like that only after we're done with it? (if you catch my drift...)

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

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