Monday, March 31, 2008


So far, it's Monday and we're having a wonderful Spring Break. Ben was here for breakfast and still here when Katie and I returned from Strollercize. It's strange, but Katie likes it. While I was getting ready for strollercize, dad was doing dishes with the music on and he and Katie started dancing up a storm. She loves the dancing! (and I'm sure she's trying to say "Dance").

On the weekend we did a bit of shopping (not buying) and tried on a baby backpack. I don't know why we really think we need so many ways to haul Katie around (2 slings, 3 strollers, 2 pairs of arms) especially when (there's hope) there will be some kind of walking in the next 6 months of so. We did have fun trying out the backpack!
And Katie seems to like it too. We will wait and think about whether we really need(want) one while keeping an eye out for a used one.
While at MEC, Katie grabbed onto a cup that was at her height and would not let go. And so we had our first ever "Giving In While Shopping". How could you resist this face?
She love love loved this mug she wouldn't even let go for the ride home.
Unbelievably, when we did arrive home, I realized that the design on it was a sticker, so I took it off. And now Katie doesn't care about the mug at all. That's a lesson in "Giving In" right there for you folks. =)

We didn't give in here either, but look at the CUTE chair. We obviously have thing for baby chairs right now, don't we?

While we were hanging out at home this weekend, Katie was rolling around on the floor and really enjoyed reading her Terrific Trains book. (cute book, nice pictures, lovely text!) (She's so good at reading upside down!)
Sunday we found ourselves at Starbucks with Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl. There was music and Cheryl was showing off her chair dancing moves.
One of Katie's newest things..."Keys!"...she says the word and loves the keys. I don't even know exactly where she picked it up. I haven't made of point of teaching her. I must be getting in the habit of talking out loud as I do things with her.
Ken was nice enough to snap a picture of me and Katie.
And I took one of Grandma Cheryl and Dad.
We were also out at Grandma Mary and Papa's for dinner last night which was lovely.

Have a super Monday! (I also have a cute new Katie video from this weekend...coming soon to a blog near you!)

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