Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday was a big day. For both me and Katie. She had her first taste of milk...real milk, cow's milk. All to start a very gradual weaning process for when I eventually go back to work. (more on that another time) We're still nursing, just a little bit less.

I think she enjoyed (didn't mind?) the new milk (whole milk)...she drank some from her straw/sippy cup and then I tried giving her a bit more from a bottle after lunch. Like most mom friends of mine, I'm a little sad...losing an important part of our relationship, but gaining new's a bit mixed. No sense in being sad's not over yet!

We had a nice visit from Auntie Andrea and a friend right before lunch...the friend brought us a nice shaker toy for Katie! (it now contains rice as the MnMs were quickly and happily eaten by mom and dad!...Thanks G!)
This morning Katie and I had a great moment...we were hanging out on the floor and she was pointing (she does this a lot) at something up, and I guessed and grabbed a family photo of the three of us. She liked it, licked it, and looked at it. I talked about mommy and daddy and Katie...and asked her to point to dad...and she DID! And point to mom...and she DID...and again for Katie! Yay! Smart baby! It's so nice to know she knows us and by name even!

The other cute thing she's doing lately (have I mentioned this one? Anyone who's seen us lately has seen the demo) is finding her belly button. You ask "Katie, where's your belly button?" and her hands start patting her belly...adorable.

We also went to strollercize yesterday and the tough instructor who makes us grab the eight pound weights was there. I'd be much happier with fives but she insists we grab the eights. A really hard class...but I loved it!

Not sure all that we're doing today, but I can assure you there will be nursing...for both Katie and the sore muscles!

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