Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday Stuff

Apologies for the blog absence, I should have formally called in sick. =) A stomach bug has attacked me but I think it will be leaving soon.

If I had posted yesterday, it would have started with this:

Happy Birthday Auntie Andrea! We had fun and celebrated at Grandma Mary's and Papa's on Sunday night. It is also Brenten's (eeps...spelling?) birthday today (Sheldon's brother) so Happy Birthday to him too!
Back in time now...Friday Katie was sporting a random cute outfit.
We bought it a while ago, but it's a bit big and the pants/culottes are a bit thin so they'll be perfect for the warmer weather that I think is heading our way. It's March, right?If it's March ladies, that means bathing suit season's almost here...are you ready? Katie is! We went swimming at the pool on the weekend and had a great time with other babies.The weather is warming, but don't get too excited, it's not summer yet. Still cool enough for Katie to wear homemade sweaters. This one looks better in real life.And here's the back:
We visited with Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl on Sunday.Darlene and Dan were there! Nice visit...great to see you guys!
Katie had some fun with clothespins.
Note the cute Care Bear blanket? This is a "stays at Grandma's house" blanket quilted by Grandma's good friend Susan...Susan, if you read this, it's adorable! We love it!
We also tried on Katie's "Chucks" this week...but while they are cute, they are still too big.
Yesterday I was getting some birthday packages ready to mail and Katie decided to help.Big help...! Apparently they pass the Katie "yummy" inspection. Hope you are good and not getting any stomach bugs.

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you! Katie woke us up early this morning so we're a bit lacking on sleep...likely due to TOOTH NUMBER 8 (!!) which made a recent appearance on the weekend.

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