Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mark and Tim

Good (early) morning! (It's 6:36am on my watch right now).

Yesterday our very special dinner guests were my cousin Mark and his girlfriend Christine (sp?). We had a really nice time visiting.
Mark is a computer engineer (aka Genius, aka Computer Guy) and was willing to have a look at our big computer downstairs that is currently broken. (obviously, this computer is working!)
Good news is it looks like it might be fixable, and good news is it didn't just need to be plugged back in. (Isn't that your fear too? call the *blank* Guy to fix *blank*, and you just forgot to plug it in!)

The reason for the early blog isn't Katie, as you may have assumed. She is still sleeping soundly. It's actually the fault of my lovely, super husband of the year (winner for almost 5 years straight now!). He woke up early (5am) to go for a swim, as brought back some Tim Horton's breakfast and coffee for me.
I think he was really saying "Thanks" for when I said "If you wake me up at 5am, you'd Better get up and swim!"as we were going to sleep. (I set the alarm and am the Keeper of the Alarm in the morning) He said it was really motivating.

If he keeps bringing coffee, I can keep motivating him. =) we didn't WIN.

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