Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hair and Words

I had my first "real" taste of why and what we will need to be childproofing the house soon. As we've mentioned Katie scoots more than "crawls" but can actually cover a pretty good distance. I had her playing in the hallway while I was in the kitchen, and when I had my back turned, she had shimmied over and grabbed the tiny phone table and shook it so that the phone base just about fell off. I heard the noise and scurried over just in time (it would have fallen off on the side away from her, but still glad I caught it). My first thought was that we'll have to stop using the table and hang the phone stuff on the wall or high up on something, but I'm wondering if we could just attach the table legs to the wall somehow. Hmm. I'll think about that.
Later in the day we went to Grandma Mary and Papa's house (and they keep avoiding my pictures!). They have a homemade Rice-araca (rice-maraca?) that Katie loves to shake.
Katie's hair is getting much much longer. (it's not a mullet, really!)
Mom's hair looks like it could use a freshen up...which is why I was there in the first place. On my way to get a haircut with Auntie Andrea. (birthday gift from her to me!)
This is the result. So far, I love it at certain angles and not at others. I think it will require some playing around. At least I don't have to worry about cutting Katie's hair for a while!
CrawlWatch 2008 continues...more practice. Without pants hoping that her knees will have more traction on the floor. And here's the front view...she really likes to keep one arm down and one arm up.
I was taking more pictures later (Katie playing with the tape measure) and I looked at this one and told Ben that he wasn't looking so I needed another one. Whoa! Now he's looking!And about the words...I'm sure it's early for Katie to be technically talking, but I will say that we have had a few moments where we feel she is "saying" words. I don't know if these words are officially her first, but well...they're close enough. I think her first "word" might have actually been teeth...which sounds like "t-th". We also sort of say shoes "sh-s", and I think we say "K-ty" when she sees her picture. Also I swear she says something that's vaguely like chicken, "ch-n". All of these are said with prompting, when she repeats after us, so again, I'm not sure they're her real first words. (and "B"...for book...what else? Ben are there others?).

Anyway, whether she's really getting the word connection or not, we're having fun with it.

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