Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brought to you by the letter "B"

This morning as I was feeding Katie her cereal, I was struck by how old she looked all of the sudden. Sometimes I feel that I don't notice her getting bigger because I see her every day (all day!). The I'll see her from a certain angle in a certain light and all of the sudden she's bigger!

Yesterday evening while we were all three playing together Katie was talking very well. We're pretty sure she repeated "Ball" and said a very clear "Bye" while waving. Why is it so many baby words begin with B? Blanket, Banana, Ball, Baby, Book...when she tries to say something and says "B-", I'm not sure which one she is saying! Of course, there's also Boob...I wasn't going to specifically teach her this one (so slang-y), but since we nurse so often I really needed a word for it. Started with Milk until someone pointed out that later on, when someone offers her a class of milk, there could be some confusion. And thought about using Snack, but same problem. Breast, though accurate, is a harder word to say (rolling r's are tough!) and Nursing seems too long. Anyway, now when we go to nurse, I say "boob?" and she gets all excited and says "B...B...". It's good for now.

The other funny word thing is that yesterday as she and I were looking out the front window and a car went by, I said something like "look at the car going by" and she starts waving...I think because I said "Bye". Seriously, I'm sure that's what happened. She also waves when we finish her lunch or cereal and I say "last one, all gone, bye bye". Amazing!

Yesterday I was cleaning up the toys and putting them in the toy box and look what I did by accident:I'm just kidding that wasn't really an accident, but it is cute! =)

She did NOT like being taken out of the box.

Today we have no plans yet, other than planning dinner for Auntie Andrea when she comes over for babysitting. Hope you have a lovely day!

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