Friday, March 7, 2008


This is Katie, yesterday, after a 2 hour nap. It came at just the right time as she had not napped much in the morning and was "cranky" (a normal baby's good mood) and honestly, getting on my nerves a bit. Hard to do anything when she "whines" anytime you try and put her down.

Dad came home for lunch and must have said something to her because afterwards she this great 2 hour nap! And that made such a difference in both our moods!
It was super sunny and bright yesterday so I had a mini photo shoot in our bedroom. There's something about the way the light comes in that room in the afternoon that I just love. Must be the white curtains or the neutral wall colour, but the light is amazing.

We love this book (well, I love it!)...Sometimes I like to curl up like a ball...The pictures are great, the story is nice and it's just a fun read.

Later, while I was doing dishes, Katie was getting into trouble. (what a lady!)She found my yarn (I'll try not to get too you know that some kids can be taught to knit before they can even read? It's that easy!).I accepted that there would be tangles to sort out, but it wasn't that big a yarn ball, so easy to fix. Worth the fun. And, another eating picture (canned peaches) just to show how light it is now, even at 5pm. The days are getting longer and I'm loving every extra minute of it!

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Auntie Alli said...

That is a cute baby! Great pictures, the lighting is fantastic :) Lots of love,
Can't wait to come home and visit!!