Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spontaneous Fun

Yesterday was a great day. Other than Katie waking us up at 4:30am and not going back to sleep until her morning nap at which point I napped as well. Really, once we both got a nap under our belts, the rest of the day was lovely!

We spontaneously surprised dad by picking him up after work (he knew we were picking him up but we didn't call to announce our arrival) and stopped by the math office on the way out. Katie insisted she was going to help dad with his marking but dad wasn't so sure about it.
Then, after we ate a quick dinner (and after dad had a quick haircut) we spontaneously invited ourselves over to G and G Ken and Cheryl's. Clothespins are fun again.
We had such a smiley girl!

We also (not spontaneously...we brought thought ahead and brought a sleeper) gave Katie a bath in G and G's big bathtub. Dad borrowed swim trunks, of course.
Here's a video of all the fun:

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