Friday, March 14, 2008

Pi Day

Today is Pi Day (March 14...3.14 etc, get it?) at Ben's school. I made a yummy Pecan pie yesterday for him to take to school today. What's that? How do I know it's yummy? Well...I can't lie. When Ben came home and smelled the pie, he and I both realized how much we wanted to eat it. And out came an apple pie from the freezer to take to school instead. (not that we don't like the apple...we just loved the pecan more!) (So Yummy...must make again, soon!)

Earlier yesterday I got an invite to go for coffee with Papa and Mrs. F.
We love seeing Mrs. F, and I think she loves seeing us to.
Papa and Katie had a good time hanging out. She ate puffed wheat (ahem, by the handful...see picture below) while we had coffee and snacks.
Later, at home, we discovered the fun that is playing with floaty scarves.
Katie went NUTS over this, she was giggling like crazy! Hard to take pictures at the same time, but lets call the blurry an artistic way of conveying the sense of motion and playful fun that was occurring.

As I mentioned, Katie has discovered that as well as pinching food bits between her thumb and pointer finger, you can use ALL you fingers and pick up a handful. This is the best picture I could get as she's quick and then I have to quickly stop her from eating the whole handful. What a girl! Happy Friday (and Pi Day)!

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