Friday, March 28, 2008

We Love Banana!

Proof that Katie is a lot like her mother:(note similarity to previous post with mom drinking coffee)

Yesterday we had a coffee date with Grandpa Ken:(I know, we always go to the same place and take the same pictures...but we love it!)
We followed coffee with lunch and Papa and Grandma Mary's. It was very messy as we gave Katie free reign on the food. (usually we either spoon feed or dole out bits at a time...this time, we gave her the bowl and watched her eat with her hands...Fun!)

Yesterday Katie also had to endure a rigorous crawl training session...we call this one "Get the Banana", not unlike the other training drill we call "Get the Cheerio". These have definitely proven successful. Much more than "Get the Book", "Get the Stuffed Animal" and surprisingly "Come see Mom/Dad". (I really thought that last one would be motivating!)

In this first photo, she had already crawled around the corner without banana enticement. (note that when I say "crawl" I really mean shimmy etc).
Look how much we love banana!
Almost there!

Yay! We made it!
Banana so good!Today is Ben's last day of work before Spring Break (WooHoo!) and we three are looking forward to a fun week'll have to find out next week! (yeah, you got me, we don't really know what we're doing.) =)

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Anonymous said...

You are right banana is good.

Love Dad