Monday, March 3, 2008

Marching On

Well, I cannot believe it's actually March now. When did that happen so fast? It's been warmer lately and then cold again this weekend. Although I really couldn't tell you much about the cold weather since Katie and I stayed in for most of it while we got over our little cold (still lingering, but much better).

We did take the opportunity, while dad was downtown for teacher's convention on Friday, to meet up with him for lunch. We had a great time! We don't eat out much now, especially with Katie. She had already eaten lunch but was a very patient girl hanging out while we ate ours. It was such a beautiful sunny day! The rest of the weekend is a bit of a blur...and it doesn't help that I forgot to take pictures. I believe there was a tiny trip to Costco, some housecleaning, Ben went out to a party with Grandma Cheryl on Saturday night (apparently had a great time...thanks, D and N, for the cookies that came back with him!), and then he and Katie went to G Cheryl and Grandpa Ken's on Sundy while I had some friends over for book club. (The book was Water For Elephants...a fun read and a sweet story).

As you can see, we were sick but not THAT sick. =)

And, for your latest in CrawlWatch amazing display of agility was displayed this weekend, with knees up faster than you can say "peekaboo". She's practicing more and more and proving that moving around is not so hard, even if it's not real "crawling".
What Katie is VERY good at, is sliding.
She would do this all through the meal. I'd pull her up, she'd slide, pull her up, slide. And so on. Eventually I just said "fine, stay there" and took a picture.

All in all, a good weekend. I was going to mention how Spring must be JUST around the corner, because we have a BIG receding snow-line on the front lawn (south facing of course)...and then, this morning, it is snowing. That Spring is SUCH a big tease. =)