Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday and 16


I don't have any pictures right now because the camera's *over there* and I'm too lazy to get up and get it and download pictures right now.

Not much going on...we all walked over to Southgate this morning for something to do and the Bay has some good sales on. So Ben bought some nice stuff for work and we bought clothes for Katie too. Can't beat a pair of twill pants for 2 bucks. Seriously, they were 60% off the last ticketed price...Can you believe that? I wish my clothes were that cheap!

While Ben went for a run last night Katie and I walked for about 45 min in the Chariot. Nice walk...stopped by the pool (Confederation) and asked about swim lessons for her (parent and tot) and we could start in October (they are closed in Sept for annual cleanup). I'll have to see what Kinsmen offers and if they start in September we go there instead. Who knows.

I'm Very excited to start going to the drop-in strollercise class at Kinsmen. The Ped. said we had to wait until at least 4 months...I'll double check at our appointment next week but as soon as we can I'm there!

Speaking of 4 months...we're not quite there yet, but Katie is 16 weeks old today! Wow! It's really getting to be that I can't believe how much bigger and older she is and to marvel at what a short and at the same time long time we've had with her. Life is so great with her I wouldn't change a thing.

Hope you're having a good day, I promise pictures next time when I'm not feeling so lazy! =)

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