Sunday, August 12, 2007

Canmore Part III - Everything Else

I'll try to make this the last post about's been dragged on too long, I know! Lots of the time in Canmore involved trying to protect Katie from the elements...Grandparents were happy to oblige by covering her in blankets (Katie's mesmerized by the mountains):
And lending her hats to keep warm and protect from the sun.
Ben, Sheldon, Uncle Terry and Auntie Diane were our representatives in the "Spread-Yur-Tarp-Fur-A-Good-Spot-By-The-Stage" contest. This involves us lining up by about 6am (well, Grandparents Dan and Mary and the Van did) and sitting in the early morning cold to get a good spot.
While this was going on, Katie just spent time in the van.

And you know what...there's seriously too many pictures to put words to each, and in keeping with the goal of finishing the canmore posts, I present a quick summary and pictures. We had fun...Katie was great...she liked the music and she slept a lot, was surrounded by tarps and strange people and survived rain and hail (of which I don't have a god picture because it was raining and hailing). We had a great time and really wished you were all there. =)
The End

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