Sunday, August 19, 2007

Picnic etc

Happy Weekend!We've had a good weekend...Katie seems pleased doesn't she?
Friday we made pizza from scratch and had a picnic in the kitchen, since Katie was there already. Very fun!Then we went to Starbucks to have coffee (decaf) with Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl. Again, Katie seemed quite happy to be doing something fun.
She was laughing at somebody...was is Grandma?
Yes, I think so!
With the weather getting a bit cooler (Fall is on the way I think!), the knitter in me panicked about Katie not having enough toques and winter hats, so I whipped one up. (in an evening and a bit of a day...essentially started one night and done the next day...don't ask how many actual hours, I don't count!). The bonnet turned out very cute...I love the colour. The fit though...may be a bit on the small JUST fits...and therefore won't do much to keep her cool through the fall and winter. So I think I might actually rip it and do another one but in the bigger size. It's SO CUTE it's worth doing again, don't you agree?
The hat came in handy when we walked (a-la-Chariot) to Great Uncle Joe and Great Auntie Joan's place...a hello/goodbye party for my cousin David and girlfriend Jodi (see their blog from Europe...FourWheelRide.. on the sidebar) who are heading off to Vancouver for school very shortly.
We didn't actually manage to get a picture of the two of them (even when they stole the camera overnight!) (ok, I forgot it...mommybrain strikes again!) But we do have evidence of visiting Grandma Mary and G Auntie Joan. Katie didn't actually sleep too well last night and may have a wee bit of a cold today. So we cancelled exciting dinner plans and stayed home instead. Mom and dad decided to teach Katie how to play cards. At first she had trouble deciding which cards to play,But then got the hang of it and beat dad three times (ok, helped mom beat dad. Three. Times.). Notice the game is Skip-Bo? If you haven't played it, it's loads of fun, and not as much like gambling (coughPokercough) which the responsible parent in me agrees she's a little young to play. So, that was the weekend. How was yours?

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Alli said...

Fun, kitchen picnic :)The pictures just keep getting cuter and cuter. Love the hat

Anonymous said...

I'm glad no babies were harmed in the filming of the movies. Also that gambling is a big no-no in your house. Although... she doesn have the best poker face in the world (is she crying because she's tired... or because she was just dealt a bad hand??)
love all the photos,