Friday, August 17, 2007

Those __________ Girls!

The weather was cool enough the other day to try on a pair of her jeans...I say very cute, don't you think?
We thought Katie was cute enough to take out in public, so we went to the mall and did a fab job sitting in the Bjorn while mom got shoes (excuse the flash and red eye)
And the day after that we dressed up for bouncing in a pretty pink dress.
Yesterday, we had a lovely dinner over at Joanne and Chad's and Claire and Gracie's. This is mom and Katie and Joanne's friend (H?)Ellen holding Claire.The funniest thing lately is that Katie is making different talking noises...more like Claire and Grace, or as we say "Those "insert last name here" Girls". We'll get a video up soon. And Those ___ Girls have the coolest bouncy jumpers. If I get permission from J and C, I'll post the little video...It's SO neat to watch them bounce. I wish I had one in adult size! Have a good Friday!

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Alli said...

Everyone has to have a little denim in their wardrobe.