Thursday, August 9, 2007

Canmore Part II - Lesson Learned

The weekend of the Canmore Folk Festival has, for the past few years, started with dinner at the Rose and Crown pub with Andrea and Sheldon. Mom and dad were already at the festival for the Saturday night concert, which we opt not to attend. Dinner was lovely and the weather was great. A nice thing about hanging around other people is the increase in the number of people in our family photos:Andrea was super nice and held Katie for a while (more shade over there too!) as we waited for the food.
Funny...does it look like Katie's thinking of something in the above photo? Thinking rather hard? She was sitting on my lap when it became obvious that she needed to be changed. Luckily for me it was Ben's turn, because she had the hugest poop! It exploded all up the back of her onesie and onto my shirt and on the blanket she was sitting on. We were definitely grateful that we always keep a spare outfit in the diaper bag (mom's to be - Take note!) You can see by this next photo, Katie felt much better after that. (in onesie number twosie!)
Lesson learned though...when in a pinch, a jacket works as a nursing cover up (or, carry two blankets minimum at all times!).
(Yes, Canmore DOES actually include a festival and music and people and tarps...I'm just dragging it out for a full weeks worth of entertainment!)

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Aunti Alli said...

She is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!! It's funny how she is a perfect mixture of both of you. :):):):)