Thursday, August 23, 2007

4 Month Checkup

We survived our 4 month check up at the Paediatrician's on Tuesday...Katie's a healthy happy baby (duh!). Very well proportioned at 16.5 pounds and 27 inches long (two more inches in this car seat!). Dr. says we can start feeding her cereal (iron fortified for babies...not Fruit Loops silly!) starting with Rice, then either Barley or Oats, and then either Oats of Barley (the other one), and finally Wheat. For a week each so we can check for any weird reactions.
Here's a picture of her learning that spoons are a good thing!
And a snapshot of her very first breakfast (a teaspoon of cereal mixed with milk, followed by a normal milk feed).
And her very first lunch...We're entering messy-ville!
I think she likes eating, but still has a lot to learn!

The Dr. also said it's time to Ferberize... that is, train her to sleep through the night. She is really not a bad sleeper now, so I'm thinking that it shouldn't be too hard. I think it could be a late night though for the next three nights while we train her! (Dr. says it'll be three tough nights now, or three tough weeks next year...take your pick)

He also said that running with her in the Chariot is now a go, so we've gone on a couple of runs already...lots of fun! Definitely a different kind of's hard pushing weight in front of you!

And the other fun thing he said we could do is get a Jolly Jumper for her. Yay! So we got one and put her in it pretty quick...She's not quite bouncing yet, but did have a positive reaction. Sorry the pic isn't great...sun in behind. And, in case anyone was wondering, I did rip and re-knit the green hat to make it bigger. Now we get to wear this cute hat all winter long! Yay! But it's not winter yet! And to remind you, I'll show some pictures of the Garden Harvest...We've done well I think:Ben with his Zucchini...and a couple of lovely tomatoes (Ben's gloved hand for scale).After goofing around in the garden (and showering, thank goodness!) we headed off to my mom and dad's for a garden party...well a BBQ. With cousins and relatives from my mom's side of the family. The best picture I have from the party is this one:
And Beth did a wonderful job with her first time holding Katie. Katie definitely approved. And see William, back there in the gazebo? I think he looks so pleased because he'd been locking people out of the gazebo so he could have the appetizers all to himself. What a Monkey!
I have (I think) more pictures from the BBQ...or other things, but there's time for that later.

Have a good night, we're hoping we do!

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