Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Important Day and Cuteness

Hello! We've got lots of pictures today! is for Katie! (followed by a Random Super Cute Outfit)Our weekend was pretty busy...We tried a new way of doing tummy time, over a pillow, which is supposed to make Katie's arms work a bit harder...I think she likes it. The cute outfit helps...this is the best part of it: We wore this out to coffee with Grandma Cheryl, Auntie Patty, cousin Georgina and Coreen...nice to visit with people. We also did a bit of goofing around with the camera later:And even found the black and white setting! Fun!And we practiced sitting in the Bumbo...we're getting much better at that! (Sitting in front of the mirror is double the fun!)
The big thing this weekend (and the "Important Day" referred to in the title of this post) was Katie's Baptism at St. Joe's church on campus. We had the church full of family and friends to welcome her into the Faith. And Katie did really well...didn't seem to mind the water at all! She did get a little tired after and fall asleep right in dad's arms. As cute as it was, we don't have any pictures of any of it because we were busy. But as soon as we get some from others, we'll post the pictures. We do have a few before shots...(The gown is a family Christening gown...vintage!)

We also had a party to go to on Sunday for Auntie Diane's Big Birthday...it was a lovely garden party. Didn't take a lot of pictures (should have taken more!) but I do have this nice one with Auntie Elaine.And we decided Katie was ready for the next step in her excersaucer toy...she seems to like it, but might need to get a bit stronger before we leave her in there for longer than a few minutes. But, boy-o-boy, is it going to be fun! Yesterday , decided to have Katie weighed because we keep telling people she's something over 15 pounds, but really, it's been a couple of weeks since we last weighed her so who knows. Well, she's officially 16 pounds 6 ounces...Over twice her weight at birth! Good girl! We must all be doing something right! To celebrate, we took her to Kinsmen for her First Swim Ever. I think it was maybe more fun for her dad and I...not that she wasn't having fun, but I think she was pretty...unsure of what this whole "pool/swimming" thing was all about. It did tire her out though...

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