Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Puppy Talk

A note about videos:
The film you are about to see, and others like it, may cause concern from viewers, regarding potential cruelty towards the film subjects. Rest assured that no harm comes to the actress. The screaming that occurs near the end of such films is merely the result of the following events:

1. See baby perform cute activity.
2. Get baby to do it again because it is so cute.
3. Try once more to ensure that act is suitable for filming.
4. Grab camera.
5. Film cute activity while subject becomes increasingly tired of performing.
6. Insist that cuteness continue.
7. Actress throws temper tantrum which prompts quick end of shoot.
8. Evidence of temper tantrum always leaked to media and fans due to producer not having proper editing skills.

So there you have it. No babies are ever harmed and rest assured lots of hugs, kisses and diaper changes take place immediately after filming. We appreciate your viewership and hope you continue to support independent actress Miss Katie and baby filmmaker extrordinaire, yours truly. Thank you and enjoy the following film.

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