Friday, August 24, 2007

KD Go for a Run (Katie and Dad)

This is Dad's account of his first run with his daughter.

Katie: Dad you said we were going to go for a run before I go to bed...better get off that couch.
Dad: Yeah, Yeah, right away.
Katie: Mom..
Dad: OK, OK lets go...I will go get your ride.

Dad and Katie head off in the chariot destined to reach Snow Valley ski hill.. about a 5km run.

Dad: So monkey how's Dad's pace so far?
Katie: ahguguhhhhbahh.
Dad: Good.
Dad: Huff, huff, so, huff, sweetie Dad has to go back to work next week. What will you guys do while I'm at work?
Katie:I don't know about Mom but I plan to sleep, eat, play, poop, and repeat. Ah...Dad watch out for that lamp post.
Dad: Thanks..Dad is still getting adjusted to pushing/running with a smart car.
Katie: It's not that big.
Dad: It's good I have a two car garage.
Katie: Less talky more runny.
Dad: Yes dear.
Katie: Ahgggaaahhh, ahghhbbbbbbahhhhhblah.
Dad: Oh, Dad gets some music to run to.

The two runners head through Lendrum, Malmo, and reach the hill at 119th Street.

Katie: Just remember Big Guy it is a lot easier on the way down than on the way up.
Dad: Huff, Huff, Huff,
Katie: Here we go Dad we will be at the top before you know it.
Dad: Huff, Huff, ..
Katie: You still there.
Dad: Huff, yeah.

Dad and Katie make it to the top.

Dad: Great job sweetie, sweetie
Katie: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Katie falls asleep from such a tough workout and Dad runs home in silence. We make it home in time for a bath and an 8:00 pm bedtime. Dad now has two women that he can run with..what a lucky guy. Dad will also has realized that he will miss Katie and Heather terribly when he goes back to work, but will work really hard to bring minimal work home so that he has more time to hang out and run with his girls.

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