Thursday, August 2, 2007

Simply Summertime

Summer is always lovely...the pace is relaxed and even those who aren't lucky enough to have the time off work are more relaxed. Lately we've just been enjoying the pace and soaking up the fun.

Katie is getting closer every day to rolling over by herself and you can see some desire for movement (i.e. crawling) in her she is hanging out at G and G Dunnigan's.
We have also been working on plans for her upcoming Baptism next Saturday (not this but the next). We all went to campus yesterday to meet with the coordinator and had a quick coffee break with Stephanie. (Sorry for all the rest of our campus friends...can't have coffee with a zillion people all at once...if you'd like to arrange a coffee break, call us! Our boss is lenient and lets Katie have coffee almost anytime!) Katie was in top form for the visit, smiling like crazy. She attracted quite a bit of attention from various ladies on campus...I'm starting to think that if she gets any cuter, I'll have to watch out for "Wannabe-Grandma" Kidnappers.

Our (ok, Ben's) garden is doing very it beginners luck? We have many zucchini and will therefore be losing many friends, or so I hear. As well, we have lots and lots of green beans and lettuce.
Great Grandma Mary and Auntie Gail stopped by to steal, oops I mean, help us pick some of the garden goodies. You can definitely tell a mother by the automatically built-in baby holding riding a bike I you ever forget? (I hope not, I love baby holding!)
The garden was a great help for dinner as it scored us an invite at Chez Dunnigan, that I'm sure we would not have received otherwise. Funny how a baby captivates a dinner table...Does that mean I can get away with serving sub-par food from now on? ("Ignore the KD and feast your eyes on Katie instead!") I think Katie's used to all the attention and I don't think she'd mind being used for such a purpose.

We also were delighted to see Auntie Patti and the lovely Georgina briefly yesterday but don't have pictures to show for it. The australian visitors will have another chance at blog fame at dinner Friday night (at Cheryl and Ken' they might get more than KD).

And coming up today is a visit with London folk, my uncle Ted and Annie and Beth and Wils...Ben and I are sneaking off to see The Simpsons and G and G Dunnigan have agreed to babysit while they visit with T & A (don't go there!).

So we'll chat later, hopefully with more pictures. Have a super day!

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