Thursday, August 30, 2007

End of Summer

Well, it looks like summer's over. Dad's first day at work was yesterday and mom and Katie are going to have some adjustment now, being by ourselves again.

Ladybug Musical Toy says "Don't worry Katie I can pretend to eat your toes; laugh into your tummy; help you rollover and laugh when you jump, just like dad does."

And the days will fly by (thank you 2 hour naps, don't ever leave me!) and he'll be home before you know it. Now we have fun getting up earlier, eating breakfast (very we started oatmeal, yum yum!)

Mom and Katie went to strollercize twice already this week on the quest towards being fit and fun again. It's also on Friday so we're hoping that three times a week is a reasonable goal.

Dad is flying to Penticton this weekend to support a friend doing Ultraman Canada. Should be interesting. I'm predicting a fair amount of grandma and grandpa time this weekend. Yay!
Hope you have a great day!

PS...the sleep thing is going well. 5 out of the past 7 days Katie has slept from about 8pm until about 7am. One night she woke and was back to sleep in 10 minutes. Another night she woke and it took a LONG hour for her to go to sleep again, but I'm hoping we (she) learned a lot in that hour (Sleep at Night = GOOD).

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