Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Canmore Part I - Calgary

And we're back!
We all survived Katie's first trip to the mountains. Well, more than survived, we had a great time. Katie was an excellent girl, slept well and wasn't fussy at all.
On the advice of Joanne and Chad, we bought Katie a new toy that will be exclusively used in the her something special to play with that's new-ish and exciting. It's a bar with three toys...a frog with mirror, dinosaur thingy that makes music when you hit it (Katie can't quite hit it yet, so I help) and a lizard rattle.
We stopped for a bit in Calgary, just to walk around and give Katie a break from the car and a snack. It was a gorgeous day for walking and Kesington has so many neat shops!
We found Crave: and thankfully it was about noon so I was able to buy a cupcake without feeling like it was too early to be eating cake. We had a chocolate cupcake with blue vanilla frosting and chocolat sprinkles. And it was really super yummy!
We're got more pictures from Canmore and the festival, but mom's still a bit tired and doesn't feel like blogging for an hour straight....I'll try and post more later today and/or tomorrow. Have a great day!

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Aunt alli said...

YEAH FOR CUPCAKES!!! Crave looks so good :) I'm glad that the cupcake trend is happening in Canada. It's a good trend!!! I'm glad you guys had a lovely trip, I love the look on Katie's face in the toy picture. She is totally mesmerized by it. Thanks for the Canmore update :) Love you guys lots!!!