Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Park

Yesterday, before bedtime, Katie and I decided to head to a new park. It's just over in the next neighbourhood. It's nice to try out a new park very now and then. And the little bit of an extra walk was nice too.The swings, "Weeeee!", are over that way.
See that slide behind me? Mom wouldn't let me go on that pne because it was too big, but there was a smaller slide that was awesome!
I wasn't too happy about heading home. But I guess I was tired.

Other things to note this week, before I forget...Katie is WAY more into standing this week than she has been in a while. Yesterday, when I said lets go for a walk, she stiffened/straightened her legs as I picked her up and when I went to put her back down because I forgot something, she wouldn't let me. And the crawling over dad is getting so good...AND, (see, I knew I was forgetting something)...yesterday, Katie was TWICE able to get back into sitting position from lying down...something she could have done for ages I'm sure but hasn't ever done.

I foresee a crib lowering in the VERY near future (so near we should have done it yesterday!). What I mean is, we now have to lower the crib mattress so the bars are higher and when she does eventually learn to pull herself to standing position, she's not in any danger of tipping over and falling out.

Very exciting news! What else...and she is in a book phase. Ben says I asked for it since I wanted Katie to be a bookworm. She now loves books so much that she holds up books for us all day long asking us to read to her. I didn't think I'd be tired of her books yet but really, I can only read "Stop, Train, Stop" (Thomas the tank engine) about 45 times before I get tired of it.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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Aunt Alli said...

Yeah for the cutest polka dot hat ever!!!! Wish I could have come to the park :)