Monday, May 26, 2008

Where's the pig?

This weekend was fun but went by too fast. Ben played "where's the pig" with Katie. She was surprisingly good at finding it...though I suppose it's easy when each "cup" is a different colour and has a whole in it. Ben may not be taking this game out on the street to hustle money after all. =)Besides being "good" at it, Katie had lots of fun.

Here's a video of all the fun!

We also went and played in the big bedroom this weekend...
Katie goes up and down...weeee!And dad threw in a pop quiz:
Where's your tongue?Where's your belly button?
Where's dad's nose?
Where's your knee?
Where's the light?
I think she passed. She was tired after all that thinking and a cuddle with dad was just perfect.
Saturday morning we went to the farmer's wasn't too rainy thank goodness. We used the backpack because it can get pretty crowded (though it wasn't at 8am). Katie had so much fun looking around and smiling at all the people. We had a great time and will try and go more often.Later on we met Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl for coffee.
Sunday we had a fun brunch at Grandma Mary's and Papa's to celebrate Papa's Birthday! Yummy brunch and good company and balloons = good times.
We also went for a BBQ dinner at a friend's (Megan, Rob and little boy D) house in the evening, but forgot to take pictures. D and Katie did some playing together...if you call taking toys from one another (reverse-sharing) playing. =) We had a great time.

Today the plan is to head out to strollercize and perhaps clean up the house a bit...we'll see what the day brings I guess.

Have a happy Monday!
PS...Katie was caught texting at Papa's last week...Auntie Alli's blogged it better than I could...HERE.

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