Monday, May 12, 2008


Well, it appears that a whole weekend went by and the last day I took pictures was Thursday. What was I thinking? I promise, I will try and get back in the habit of taking pictures every day. Work is throwing a kink in my pictures taking pattern.

How are you? We are good...well, pretty good. I'll get to that in a minute.

Here's Katie helping us sort laundry. Keeping her in the basket was fun for her and made it easier for us to work. Hope she doesn't get tired of this too soon. =)Thursday was actually an interesting evening...Papa and Katie picked me up after work, as usual, although in his car, not mine. (NOT usual) Turns out that a pothole Ben and I ran into a few days earlier (SO BIG) had caused a big bulge in our tire that Papa noticed (and we didn't) and he realized that we should get new tires pronto, or risk a blowout.

So we picked up Ben, drove back to Papa's to pick up our car and headed to Costco for tires. Luck was with were bought and installed within an hour! How lucky were we?! The service was great (west end Costco) and with a smile.

In the meantime, we headed across the street to a truck stop type restaurant for some dinner (luckily for Katie we had some leftover lunch in the diaperbag).

It wasn't perhaps the best dinner I've ever had, but it did the trick. And a good excuse to eat some fries...because, really, what else are you going to eat at a truck stop?
The rest of the weekend though picture-less was good. Hmm, the trick now is remembering what we did. Sat morning I went for breakfast and shopping with friends Coreen and Shelley while Ben got some quality Katie time (thanks Ben!). Can't remember what else we did Saturday...I believe we did BBQ steak and potatoes for dinner.

Sunday, Mother's Day, I did receive a lovely card and small gift from Katie (work clothes...from the gap...and on sale? You are a smart girl!). We also paid a visit to the Grandma's...G Cheryl in the morning (my goodness Katie loves that dollhouse!) and G Mary at Auntie Andrea's for dinner. We had such a tired girl for dinner because she hadn't had any afternoon nap but she did well and made it to almost 7pm until we realized we had to leave.

This leads me to the title. Katie is usually the best sleeper ever (we are so lucky). Bad news is that in the last week, probably starting when she was cranky, she started waking up once a night. And, because she was cranky and we thought something was bothering her, we picked her up sooner and more often than normal. Mistake. Big Mistake. Do Not Try This At Home. She's a quick learner this one. And it seems we have taught her, in a week, that this is What We Do. Not good. After consulting with each other and a couple of books, Ben and I have decided to go old school and sleep train her again. When she cries, we go in quickly and tell her we love her and it's time to sleep and then go. No singing, no rubbing backs or tummies (hers of course) and no picking up and rocking. Wait appropriate time interval and then repeat. So painful but we believe it's the right thing. Last night wasn't really fun and I'm glad I don't have to work today (sorry Ben). Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Remember, she is a quick learner. =)

Please, drink some extra coffee for me today, I might need it. =)

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