Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some Good Things and a Long Weekend.

Katie was a darling all the long weekend. It was warm enough that she spent lots of time in cool dresses. She is doing several cute things that are new and I'll share as we go along.

We've taught her to stretch...we say "stretch" and her arms go up.
Fun game! This was Thursday while we had dinner at Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken's.
Friday Ben had the day off and got to play with Katie all day long. He dressed her all cute and even put barrettes in her hair!
And he came by early to pick me up from work so we got to show her off a bit. Here they are waiting for me to finish work.
Saturday we had a big day planned that demanded another adorable dress...straight from Hawaii (from G Cheryl) this dress is so cute. But all my pictures had her doing this:

Or this. Not posing well for the camera today. (speaking of camera...that's another work she's picked up..."kamra")We drove up to Russ and Stephanie's lake cabin Sat afternoon. Katie slept in the car...look how sleepy!She woke up when we arrived and was awesome, happy and fun the whole time! (see my "mom" hat? Must model good hat-wearing behavior.)(and Steph did a great job showing Katie how to wear sunglasses...although Katie wouldn't wear them at all. )Another friend read her stories...which she loved! It was very warm and sunny so we were sunscreen crazy and put tons on her. I'm proud to say that we managed not to get any sun burn on her that I can see. She had an excellent nap in the playpen. Ben and I took turns (30 min each) staying in the cabin with her and hanging out by the water. It was a great system and we both got to read a bit and still hang out with everyone.

Katie enjoyed the hammock too. On the drive home from the lake, Ben was commenting on a speedy driver (when aren't we doing this!) and said "Shooom" to me. And then a second after, we heard a little "shooom" from the back seat! I really think that's one of the few times I've heard her say a word without us trying to teach it to her. (well...I think a few early words like "keys" we learned this way too...before we really figured out that she was learning words)

I think it's official...we MUST watch out language in front of the B-A-B-Y. And spelling...we're spelling lots of words already so she doesn't know what we're talking about. We'll be great at spelling very soon I think (if we weren't already!)

Sunday Katie had a great nap that created some Great bedhead. And finally decided to model her sunglasses. Auntie Andrea came over for dinner, but we forgot to take pictures. So you'll just have to believe me. And yesterday we all had the day off for Victoria Day (aka May Long Weekend). The weather was lovely (though there's rain in the forecast). We did some work on the lawn and Katie had lunch with G Cheryl and G Ken while Ben and I had a lunch date (out on a patio!). Feels like summer is really here!

All in all the weekend was lovely. Great...didn't go by too fats or too slow (um...I guess a weekend can never go by too slow).

Katie is sleeping better these days...we're dressing in her in just a t-shirt or short sleeve onesie and that seems to be working better. Maybe she's warmer than we realized?

Today we have a playdate planned. Pictures tomorrow!

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