Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All Better!

Katie is officially back to normal. All day yesterday she was happy and perky and all adorable as usual.

We made a big mess when we ate (normal).

And had BIG smiles for Auntie Andrea (normal) who stopped by for lunch.
Katie snacked on some strawberries, yum yum.
She also received neck kisses from Auntie. Fun times.
Yesterday afternoon we met up with Joanne and the girls and went to the park. We didn't even make it to the swings because we had so much fun sticking out feet and hands in the sand. G was the only one who ate the sand though. Repeatedly. =)
We had our second night out for dinner in a row thanks to Great Grandma Lill. Grandpa Ken was there. And Grandma Cheryl, cousin Michelle and cousin Georgina. Katie was showing off her lovely Belly B. (Um, yes...see that very full tummy? We're now wondering if we overfed her a bit...she woke up at 10 last night and may have appeared to be having tummy discomfort. She eventually went back to sleep and is fine this morning. Must Not Overfeed Baby!)Georgina was impressed by Katie's ability to "beep" the fruit. Very impressed!These girls look like they're having lots of fun.
Hope you have a good Wednesday. Katie's off to Papa's this afternoon and the rest of the week so we may not post again until next week. Of course, if Katie does anything groundbreaking, I'll be sure to let you know!

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