Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Somewhat better...

Yesterday was still a bit of a rough day with Katie although she was a bit better occasionally. This morning she appears to be much more like herself. She was even willing to crawl around on the floor while I did some dishes. (yesterday that could not have happened.)

This picture was taken yesterday morning, while we were practicing standing. She looks a bit wild doesn't she? Yummy chair!
We had some yogurt for lunch and I let her make a big mess. It's called "learning to use a spoon".

The immunization shots yesterday went well. We now get shots in the arm instead of leg (which meant she had worn completely the wrong outfit...I had figured we could just take off her tights, but no, we because it was a long sleeve onesie, we had to take off her Whole Outfit. For a shot in the arms. Well I learned. (You see, it's always good to try and wear appropriate, easy to remove clothing for Drs and immunization visits...makes life easier) AND, most importantly, while I was explaining to the nurse that while Katie is an awesome little baby/girl that she had been acting up lately, Katie did her best to show off, babble and smile and be the cutest baby ever. Like a teenager. Just to prove me wrong. =)

She cried for the shots but calmed down fairly quickly. And since she didn't have an afternoon nap (not due to my lack of trying) she did this in the car:

Excuse the last shot with my finger in the way, I was at a light and trying to be quick.

Katie had a good 45 min nap in the car because we picked up dad from work and then went to Grandma Mary's for dinner. Here she is again, playing the teenager ("I'm happy with everyone but my parents"). Or perhaps it was the nap that helped.
She loves these fridge magnets...and she can find the red or green man correctly if you ask her. We were at dinner to celebrate Great Uncle Art's Birthday. (Apologies for not asking if I could post your picture Uncle Art...let me know ASAP if it's a problem!)
We love birthdays!

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