Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life with the Cute

I sometimes can't believe that Katie's cuteness hasn't worn off. I STILL think she's the cutest thing ever and that everything she does is absolutely adorable. I guess that's my job and that's what keeps the blog going. =)

Yesterday morning I let Katie play around with my scarf (I'm still a bit chilly here at times, even though the weather is technically nicer). She says "scarf" but it comes out sounding like car.

Really, the scarf was great and she had fun for a good half hour...ending with a giggly peek-a-boo session.
Katie also seemed to be into standing and otherwise using her legs yesterday...she's been avoiding standing for a few weeks now. Here's hoping we can keep the momentum going!

I took a great little video of Katie crawling over Ben...very good use of legs. She was very proud of herself.

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