Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well...oops. I didn't post yesterday because I had a dentist appointment in the morning and that and a walk with a friend in the afternoon seemes to take up the whoel day. I have pictures, but will have to get to them tomorrow. I am at Papa's right now...working Wed afternoon means it's hard to get much done, including occasionally blogging.

Katie is good. Sleeping is getting better, although she is still waking up at night but not for as long. Getting better.

I really enjoyed her (while I didn't blog) this morning. She was playing on her own in her toy area (aka living room). Having fun all by herself she was playing with her orange cup and making the "Ahh" sound that we make when drinking. So neat to see her play pretend already to a degree.

Anyway, Katie wants to blog and she's not very good at it so I have to run. Promise I'll try and blog with pictures tomorrow.

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