Monday, June 2, 2008

Sitting Up Girl

Hello! Sorry for the late blogging today. Katie napped but not for long (enough) this morning. I was behind the ball anyway and missed my chance at blogging. She is napping right now (I think). So we blog quickly...
Auntie Andrea stopped by on Wednesday last week for a quick visit. Hi!
And Papa used the camera we keep stashed in the diaper bag and took some pictures while he was watching Katie on Wednesday. It appears they went to the park.
Getting ready for the swings!
And there's a horse to ride too!
I'm pretty sure this is with the blossoms in Great Uncle Jerry's backyard...don't quote me on that though. Thursday night we had pasta and sauce for dinner. Sauce = mess.I could tell Katie didn't mind getting messy...and it wasn't that bad to clean her up...just can't let her touch anything until we get that cloth out!Friday Katie was crawling around (she has MASTERED the art up getting herself into a sitting position...does it all the time now and so effortlessly I can't believe she hasn't been doing it all along.!) and she got into my work shoes...pretty."See, I LIKE shoes!"A fun "side-effect" of the sitting up is that now, when we go into Katie's bedroom in the morning to wake her up, we see this:A sleepy, happy girl, with bedhead, ready for whatever the day has in store!
Today, we already went out. I decided to skip strollercize and we met Jo-anne and her girls at the swimming pool in Sherwood Park. Had a lovely time, Katie really enjoyed the waves and the float-along river. We will have to go there again.

And now it's time for lunch. (I hear Katie...she's up...good timing sweetie!)

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