Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ben's Birthday - Part 3

(For those of you just joining us...I've got about 4 new posts for you today...start with the first one down below and work your way up for the proper order)(easier posting all the pictures this way)

The birthday boy and his cake! (ice cream, Ben's request...couldn't be better on a hot evening!)Jon and Shelley also dropped by and there was BBQ before cake, but we must have been too busy eating and feeding kids to take proper pictures. But, you've probably had enough pictures haven't you?

Sunday morning we had family brunch to celebrate the birthday. There were grandmas and grandpas and great grandmas.
Katie loves playing with her new giraffe!
And REALLY loved playing peek-a-boo with GG Lill at the breakfast table.
Yesterday morning (see, we're just about caught up now!), we tried putting pigtails in Katie's hair. Mostly with the hair in front, since that's what gets in her eyes. It sort of worked, though I think I need more practice. I see many cute pigtails in our future. =)
Hope everyone else had as great a weekend as we did! Talk to you soon. (remind me not to skip Monday's post...it's hard to blog a week in a day!)

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