Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ben's Birthday - Part 1

Saturday was the longest day of the year. And also Ben's birthday! This year was the BIG three-oh. Which Ben has no trouble acknowledging. Who cares about being 30 when you've got a beautiful daughter like this? Katie had slept over at Grandma Mary and Papa's Friday night and Sat morning we got up early and I went and picked Katie up. She was sporting a lovely new dress made by Grandma Mary. It's a bit big, but we love it anyway. And we also had a cute new do with the barrette.

On our way home we stopped by Grandma Cheryl's and Grandpa Ken's. The visit was great and Katie was all smiles.
Ben (who was missing all the fun) decided to run over and join us and I forgot to take a picture of the sweaty birthday boy. Pictures (un-sweaty) of him later.

In the afternoon we had some friends over to celebrate the big day. We had bought a fun little pool set since the weather was warm (29C!) and the girls could keep cool.

C wasn't sure about the pool at all.
But Katie and G had lots of fun. There's three parts...an Alligator pool, a Giraffe with water coming out of his neck (to run/crawl under) and an Elephant with water spraying out of his trunk.
That G is such a ham for the camera.
More pool pictures to come in the next post.

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Anonymous said...

Babies in a super cute pool!! Does life get any better :) Lots of love!!!