Tuesday, June 10, 2008

She loves the toothpaste!

Well hello there! Nice to see you've come back. A regular picture/chatty post for you today. Because I'm pretty sure you don't come here for the movies, right? =)

On the weekend, we took lots of pictures. Ben was sitting on a clean kitchen counter (not entirely rare, but very entirely nice...the clean kitchen that is) and Katie begged to join him. (we should not be encouraging this kind of behaviour, I know)

Sunday we went shopping...Katie sat in the stroller and played the "round round" (she says) mouse game. (Great Auntie Joan showed her this one and she loves it!).
And dad tried on shoes.
These ones look good, don't you think?
More importantly, Sunday was Grandma Cheryl's Birthday! We went over for dinner and had a lovely time. Katie really loves salmon...she inhaled it and only THEN would she eat her green beans and potatoes.
She's been smiling a lot with her fingers in her mouth these days...not sure what's up with that.

There was cake (that Katie didn't eat) and a scary candle to blow out. When Katie realized there was blowing, she was excited again!
Another thing we did on the weekend was buy Katie some flavoured kid toothpaste. We've been using some baby non fluoride stuff but thought it was time to use real toothpaste. She does NOT like our nice minty stuff at all, so we bought the kids stuff. Funny thing is, she loved them (we bought two flavours, just in case one wasn't good) both even before we left the store...must be colourful packaging or something. We're letting her play with it only until it's open . This one's watermelon and the other is strawberry. We tried the strawberry for brushing and she definitely likes it. I had a taste...Ew...I think it's disgusting...overly sweet, fake strawberry taste. But I suppose to a little girl it's probably better than strong mint.
PS...another funny note...for pictures sometimes, I've started getting her to say "cheese" like people do, and it really works to get smiles. So funny! (and she doesn't seem to be upset afterwards that there actually isn't any real cheese to eat...I was worried about that...she loves cheese!)

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