Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Whoa, lazy blogging.

Hello! Lazy me didn't post yesterday...apologies. And I've decided I'm posting lazier today...instead of posting all pictures and commentary in one post, I'm creating a new post for each set of pictures...that way I can spend less time rearranging pictures. (although more time explaining the system, apparently) Onward!

Our week and weekend was lovely. There's a special birthday to mention in a later post, so keep your eyes peeled. Before the birthday weekend, Katie spent some time trying on my slippers. And honestly, I did NOT pose her for these pictures, she got her foot (feet) in all by herself.
Her hair is getting so much longer that I think we're ready for the big ribbon-y barrettes. They work best when you pull her "bangs" back and clip...if you just clip the hair off to the side it slips out. Here I was trying to model and show how cool barrettes are. I think it worked since she wore the barrette most of the day and didn't try and pull it out until much later.
And last week saw the return of Auntie Andrea...where has she been? (I've decided to no longer announce when people are gone, only when they return, so that you aren't tempted to steal anything from their houses while they are gone).
She's been traveling all over Europe (well, France and Italy) with Sheldon who had some holiday time. I hear they had lots of fun. Who wouldn't in a romantic place like Paris?

As much fun as she had on her trip though, she seemed mighty happy to see Miss Katie again.
And an adorable, but very serious, case of bed head. No body in our house gets better bed head that Katie.
Off to write post number 2!

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