Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Because I did not take any pictures the rest of yesterday, I can only give you an IOU.

One video of Katie getting into a sitting up position...like I mentioned before, she's doing this all the time now...even in the bathtub. I can tell she likes the freedom of this new skill.

One video or picture of her "Smelling"...Grandma Cheryl taught her to smell flowers on the weekend. Katie scrunches up her whole face and gives a big "sniff!". On command...which is kind of funny.

One picture of video of her kissing ("Mwah!" she says) someone/something. Since she really learned the kissing a couple of weeks ago, she is now a very good kisser. She will most often kiss on command ("give dad a kiss goodbye") and has been seen several times kissing her reflection, The Simpsons DVD (she thinks it's a book) and a various animals on her own. It's too cute.

These I promise to provide for you hopefully this week sometime. I will try. If I somehow forget, someone please remind me about what IOU.

Have a great Tuesday!

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