Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day! (yesterday)

We had a lovely weekend, as usual. Father's day was well celebrated, but those pictures are near the end. Can I say now though, that Ben is an amazing father and does such a wonderful job balancing life things and family and playing with Katie and taking care of her? He's the best!

Mid week last week, we went shopping (well, walking really) at the was raining a bit outside so we were just looking for an indoor hangout. Ben had Katie in the backpack and we checked out the fountain.
Katie thought it was pretty cool. Too cool for swimming though. (ha ha, I'm so funny) (why are puns so much fun?)
The next day, Katie and I returned to the mall for some secretive pre-father's day shopping. Dad is pretty smart though and I'm not a great liar, so he may have figured out what we were up to. =)
Katie grabbed a receipt and did some fancy twisted origami...she's so talented! (I made sure she wasn't eating it.)
Friday evening we had a great visit at Great Auntie Joan's house...her boys were all in town so it was a good time to visit. She and Katie bonded over some toys.
And here's a picture of the boys...JP, D and M . And how goofy they are when not posing!Saturday, Katie and dad spent some time with the building blocks.
Dad helped a bit but insisted that Katie had actually put a few blocks on herself too. What a cutie.
Sunday we had the grandparents over to celebrate Father's day. Katie showed grandma her music/learning table. Feels like a full house! Grandmas and Katie always have fun!Near the end of dinner, we played a fun game...a version of "Katie says"? Really just demonstrating who really runs this family. And you have no idea how long we played this game...such fun for everyone! Enjoy!

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