Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunny Days

Yesterday Katie and I went outside to enjoy our snack and the afternoon sunshine. Blueberries are not her favorite fruit, but once I feed her a couple of halves, she's willing to gobble the rest.
After a few minuted in the full sun (with sunscreen on of course) I decided we'd better lounge in the shade.
I had brought out some toys but Katie was more into crawling on the grass and playing with an un-toy...these are always the favorite...wrappers, bags (not plastic...we play safe!), watches and anything that is not actually a toy. Yesterday, it was the empty blueberry dish.
Apologies if these pictures are really all the same, but we didn't do anything else yesterday so I have no other pictures...and I think they're all cute in a slightly different way anyway.
"Look mom...No feet!" Katie does this lots...I have no idea how. She's also doing this (lifting her legs) while we're in the stroller. I plunk her in normally and then seconds later she's got her feet up on the tray part. Comfy and relaxed. Katie's back into a good sleeping groove...I think it's 5 nights in a row now without a peep. And strangely, we also suspect she may be teething...she often has as much of her hand as possible in her mouth, I'm assuming playing with her teeth/gums. I've been looking but though there are some big bumps, nothing has broken through yet.

Yesterday we had this recipe for dinner...Pasta with tuna and arugula (subbed spinach) and it was so good. It's our second time making it and I used a little less oil and used tuna in water and didn't soak it in oil as she recommends. Much better this way. This peppers give a nice bit of heat. And it's SO EASY. You should try this sometime when you've got nothing good for dinner.

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