Friday, June 6, 2008

Kitty, Storm and Kissing

Still working on the IOUs...I did take a video of Katie sitting up, but am having trouble getting it onto Youtube.

Earlier in the week Katie and I went for a walk (to the mall) and tried out her new hat. (a birthday gift from Darlene!). Cute eh?

At first I thought she didn't like it, as she kept taking it off and I kept putting it back on, but once when I was slow to put it back on, she did it herself, so I think she was just getting to know her new hat.
Tuesday we went to visit Papa and Grandma as they had been away all weekend in Vancouver. Papa tried to give Katie a ride on his shoulders and at first she was fine,
...but decided that she'd rather not after all.
Later at home I tried to get a picture of her Smelling face, but got this instead (which is cute).
The closest I got was this...which is really, about halfway there...imagine it more scrunched. (she's smelling the flowers on her dress)

Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken dropped by...and so did the neighbourhood Kitty. Katie was very excited!And it was nice and sunny, so Grandma took Katie outside to see the Kitty up close. Nice Kitty! (I opted not to show you the picture I took of the Kitty's butt by accident...but it WAS a funny picture.)Wednesday night we had a very very nbig storm, thunder and lightning and hail and all. Katie wasn't fazed a bit. One thing I've noticed this week is that Katie has mastered the ability to put the little shapes on the pegs of this toy. Last week or two I don't think she could so that. She's still working out matching up the colurs, but maybe we just don't care about that right now. She also got a new toy from Papa that is simlar...she'll be a pro before you know it!

And while at Papa's on Wednesday there was book reading too. There's ALWAYS book reading. And while I was at work, strawberries for snack time!And, the last one for you today...a kissing picture! To you all, I say "Mwah!" (kiss) and have a great weekend!

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