Sunday, July 15, 2007

Warm Weekend

Hello! This weekend has been super hot! We're coping by living in the basement and eating lots of popsicles (well, Ben and I are...Katie looks on due time honeybunch!) Going to The Mall also helps...And I think the sign of a truly loving mother (in today's world) is posting pictures that are more flatering of the babe than of her. I sure wouldn't dare post this pic if I knew you weren't all just here for Katie. (Look at those dainty fingers!) Here's a better picture of the outfit...This was a gift from Andrea and I think it may be the first dress we ever had for little Katers.
Katie also participated in her first outdoor BBQ at Hawrelak Park...with Jon, Shelley, Michael and the "newly-returned-from-backpacking-trip" Coreen (she's the one who's well practiced at being the subject of pictures and actually waving).Katie did really well for the 30+ weather...had an early nap in her travel playpen and didn't cry too much...except as we got closer to her bedtime. The bugs were starting come out anyway. Yay for picnic BBQ's! And thanks to Shelley for organizing.

I think that's it for now! Talk to you soon!
Heather and Ben and Katie
PS...Special "Hi" to grandma and grandpa Dunnigan travelling in Europe...we're thinking of you! Katie's trying not to grow too fast without you, but I'm not sure it's working. =)

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