Monday, July 9, 2007

Sometimes, we are Not-So-Daily...
Had a great week. Miss Katie was 10 weeks old on Thursday and we were lucky enough to have not just one but two parties to attend!

One was at my work to celebrate the three beautiful babies born this past year. Very nice to see everybody. Katie was not so happy to be there...I suspect that despite my attempts at making her nap before we went out she was still sleepy/grumpy (Hmmm...were the 7 dwarfs named after baby moods?). She had on a pretty party dress which we took off because I thought maybe she was too warm...good thing she's got the confidence to pull off a look like that. The food was great and it was really nice to see the people who made work so much fun.

The second party was a BBQ for Grandma Cheryl's staff. There was a hat theme so we all wore hats...even Katie! I wish I had remembered to take a picture. Did I mention it was a super hot day? Definitely 30-something, so hats were a really good idea. Katie elegantly slept through this entire party. Guess we don't have to worry that she's turning into Paris Hilton just yet.

What? You want pictures? OK...

These were taken at my mom's yesterday out by the pond and by their apple trees.

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Alli said...

Someone is turning into quite a little perogy!! Don't worry it's not your Mom. I love the arm rolls and legs rolls!!!! SO CUTE!!! I love her tons and tons!!!! She's going to be so big next time I see her :)