Thursday, July 12, 2007

11 Weeks

Katie is 11 weeks old today. Wow! She is awesome. I swear we've heard her laugh once or twice, but we have to get a more reliable way of making her laugh before we take a video.
This week Katie joined mom and dad at the pool...we took turns watching her while the other swam. Katie can't wait to join us...she already practicing her backstroke...

Other than that we have received new footwear from Auntie Alli...they're a little big but we couldn't wait to try them on!These shoes are SO CUTE in person that Grandma Cheryl brought them into her work to show them off before giving them to Katie!

It's another hot spell here and we're back in the basement. Katie has had some marvelous sleeps lately, including a new 7.5 hour "personal best".

Just don't ask us about last night. =)

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