Monday, July 2, 2007

School's Out for the Summer!

Ben officially had his last day of the school on Friday, which in my house growing up, means it's ice cream day. This was Katie's first year to participate, so we went to Marble Slab with my mom and dad and Andrea on Friday afternoon.

Seriously, I think Marble Slab has the best ice cream ever. And it's not just the "mixins" but the ice cream itself...great flavours and awesome awesome ice cream. It's all I can do not to have some every week!

In other news...Ben and I are officially looking for a Chariot to run with Katie. It's apparently the best jogging stroller out there. We might buy one new, but if anyone reading this knows of a used double (preferably the middle range "cougar") in good condition going for a reasonable price, please let us know! Ask your friends and co-workers! Thanks!

Looks like we've got hot weather coming our way...I think I'm going to find some cheap popsicle molds and make these tomorrow...if I don't eat the rest of our Oreo's first! More Cute Katie outfit pics coming tomorrow as well!


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