Monday, July 23, 2007

Down Under

This is Katie wearing an outfit gifted by Coreen that she brought back from Down Under. Isn't it cute? It says "I'm a Koala" on it and comes with a hat that we can't wear right now because it's too hot and a cute cuddly koala which Katie has actually been grabbing onto. (grabbing is the new skill this week...slowly but surely!) Down Under refers of course to Australia...Hi Auntie Patti, Uncle Andrew, Charlie, Georgina and Angus! Here in Babyland, it sometimes also refers to noise coming from...well, down under. She is a noisy girl down there!

(You can tell there's not much going on when I resort to poop jokes eh?)

I also have pictures of our garden. Ben worked hard this year, with the help of Great G. Mary, to plant a real Veggie garden this year. In this garden there are: beans, carrots, lettuce, swiss chard, peas...some kind of zucchini...a tomato plant...and other stuff maybe? I can't remember, Ben did ALL the work! Oh, and sometimes we grow weeds too...without trying of course. The one thing this garden doesn't have is Dill. Maybe next year.

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