Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Katie had her first round of immunization shots yesterday. Ouch! 3 shots in the legs and she was crying and crying! It's so rare to hear an "I'm hurting" cry from her and that made it really hard for Ben and I. But she was tough, and as soon as it was over she was ok. She was sleepy enough afterwards to be "tricked" into her sling for cuddling, which I really enjoyed since I have been tryin to get her more used to it for a few weeks.

We went to IKEA on Sunday (Canada Day) mostly for browsing and found a super cute girly lamp for Katie's bedroom...the Storm table lamp in purple...can't find the exact one on the IKEA site. IKEA had some activities and specials on for the holiday, including yummy red and white frozen yogurt...for a buck, I was totally up for the treat! Would you like a taste?SPEACIAL: Two random cute outfits for today. One, the T-Shirt from Andrea's trip to PEI that we hadn't yet photographed...still a bit big, but adorable...The shirt reads "I'm too cute to throw back". Thanks Andrea, it's totally a winner!

...and speaking of winner, a Winners find!Have a super day!

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