Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Age of the Chariot

Did we mention we did go a head and purchase a Chariot for Katie? We shopped around and decided that, for us, a new Chariot would be a worthwhile purchase. We are now the proud new owners of a Cougar 2. We can't run with Katie just yet, maybe in another month, but walking is great fun! We had our first outing on Saturday morning.

Getting buckled in... All ready to go...Dad's ready to go too.

We woke up early (by the Katie-Alarm...patent pending) and headed down to Emily Murphy park while it was still cool (yes, it's still smokin hot here) and walked along the trails around Hawerlak park.

Nice and cool in the shade until the mosquitos woke up. Katie thouroughly enjoyed the ride...looking at the light and the breeze in the trees. She did get tired and fall alsep though and looked very relaxed by the end of the hour. Ben and I thought she deserved a treat for all her hard work and in Canadian tradition stopped at the local Tims. Hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did!

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Alli said...

I want to be driven around in a Chariot!! Now I know why they call it a Chariot. Queen of Sheba Katie!! I love it :)