Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, we're still sleeping in the basement and it's still 30+ degrees but now with more muggy!
We had Joanne, Chad and their twins, Claire and Gracie over for dinner the other night. Katie didn't really seem to understand the concept of "playdate" and slept through almost the entire visit! The girls are about 9 months old and messily eating all kinds of yummy food. Also they look like they're close to standing up and/or neat to watch them try! You can see they're also used to being in photos...this shot took all of two seconds to get lined up.

We were all driving around yesterday and decided it was too Ben and I stopped at a 7-Eleven for our once a year slurpee/slushie treat...only to discover something else:Squishees! For the Simpson's movie coming out later this month 7-Elevens have turned into Quik-E-Marts and are selling Squishees. Tastes just as good as a slurpee. Katie likes them too. And here's Katie modelling an adorable Classic Pooh outfit from Auntie Alli and Uncle Shannon...This photo was taken this morning. Katie's no longer wearing the outfit though because she liked it soo much she peed on it. This is the new thing Katie does, pee on things she likes. (I know this because she likes mom most of all!)

Enjoy your day! keeping with special Hellos...Hi to Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken in Summerland. Katie says she'll make sure to pee on you when you get back.

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